About Us

Beau Bailey, age 24, Hometown: Monroe, LA(Lead vocals/Rhythm Guitar)

Logan Maggio, age 23, Hometown: New Roads, LA(Lead Guitar/Vocals)

John Lewis, age 25, Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA (Drums/Percussion/Vocals)

Rev·el·ry (n)-revelry; lively and noisy festivities

True to the definition of the word, The Revelries bring full-sounding, guitar-driven Pop-Rock that recalls the sound and influence of successful Eighties Arena Rock, Power-Pop and Alternative artists.

The band began late one night in the Fall of 2016, when lead singer Beau Bailey and drummer John Lewis decided to get together to jam in a Louisiana State University dorm room. The two wasted no time getting things moving and rapidly infiltrated the local Baton Rouge music scene. Performing their own version of high-energy, U.K.-style Pop-Rock, the band quickly went from playing small, local Baton Rouge dives to bars, private events, and venues all across the Southeast.

The band released its first two singles, “Blonde Hair. Blue Eyes” and “Abbot Kinney,” in 2018. The singles landed them on countless Spotify-curated playlists, and that same year the duo added guitarist Logan Maggio to the lineup, a musician whose musical background and tone contributed a deeper dynamic to the band’s developing sound.

Following the release of their first two singles, the band went back into the studio in Nashville, TN, to record their debut EP with Grammy-nominated producer/engineer John Rausch (Taylor Swift, P!nk, Moon Taxi). In April of 2019, the band released its debut EP titled After 7, a title paying homage to the police-enforced curfew while practicing back in the days when the band all lived together in Baton Rouge.

“Our neighbors loved us. So much so that they called the cops on us almost every other week,” Lewis recalls. “Luckily, we were able to work out a deal with the police that allowed us to practice until 7 p.m. ‘After 7’ is when all the acoustic writing and demoing would happen.” The EP allowed the band to gain traction in streaming, brought name recognition in new markets, and created a buzz throughout the music industry.

That summer the band made a trek out to Los Angeles to play a showcase for team members at EDGEOUT Records, UMG and UMe. The showcase set the mark and left an impression that validated the fact that The Revelries have a memorable and exciting sound.

The Fall of 2019 brought over 25 shows across the Southeast for the band. Most notably, the band opened for Moon Taxi in Oxford, MS, played to over 7K people at Jam for Cam in Athens, GA, and performed a sold out show in Nashville, TN at The End.

In January of 2020, The Revelries signed a development deal with EDGEOUT UMG. Months later, the band made a cross-country trip out to Los Angeles to record their next project with Grammy award-winning producer Matt Wallace, and on Friday, April 30, the band will release “Cliché Love,” a loud, in-your-face breakup anthem serving as the band’s first official offering in two years.

“I’ve always loved the idea of ‘cliché’ sayings because most of them, if not all of them, are true,” Bailey said. “This song is about having your heart broken and then saying, ‘Forget all this breakup stuff. Gimme that Hollywood, cheesy, over-the-top cliché love’.” With catchy hooks from start to finish, “Cliché Love” is the perfect introduction for a band in 2021 whose focus remains on the future. “We are a band from Louisiana that plays a style of music you wouldn't expect,” Baily continues. “Our goal is to create an atmosphere so contagious that everyone wants to be a part of it.”